SERCAP's dedicated Technical Assistance Providers (TAPs) administer long-term Technical Assistance (TA) to Water/Wastewater Utilities, Rural Communities, Public Service Authorities, and Planning District Commissions in order to improve compliance, efficiency, capacity, and long-term sustainability.

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Financial Assistance


SERCAP's Loan Fund offers affordable Individual Household Well and Septic Loans for low-income homeowners, to help them repair and/or replace their well or septic system. Up to $11,000 is available for a new well, and up to $15,000 is available for a septic system. SERCAP also provides small grants through its Essential & Critical Needs program to offset the costs of repairs.


SERCAP's certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Loan Fund also provides Community Development Loans to localities for water/wastewater infrastructure and community development needs. SERCAP's Community Development Loans can be up to $250,000, and can be used for water/wastewater treatment facilities, water storage tank repairs, and community development projects. SERCAP also provides grants to Communities through its Facilities Development Grant program. 


Technical Assistance


SERCAP's Private Well program provides individual homeowners with private well assessments that examine the health of the well and the possibility of contamination. If a problem or potential problem is detected, SERCAP refers the homeowner to the Virginia Master Well Owner Network (VAMWON) for water testing, and to potential financial resources if needed.


SERCAP’s dedicated staff provide long-term Technical Assistance (TA) to communities with Drinking Water and Wastewater System challenges. Priority is given to projects with communities served by Small Rural Water and Wastewater Systems (populations of 3,300 or less) or Very Small Rural Water Systems (populations of 500 or less). The main focus of SERCAP's TA is to assist communities in addressing: regulatory concerns, operations and maintenance challenges, and critical water/wastewater system upgrades.

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water education



Complex water and wastewater systems ultimately affect people at the individual level. We promote the role of the individual in community water systems, ensuring people are better educated about how to maintain their personal systems and also how the community-wide systems function.


SERCAP's Regional Department provides training to Boards, Water/Wastewater Systems, and Community Groups about organization and community involvement in all areas of water and wastewater development. Board Members of small water and wastewater systems, especially, are trained in all aspects of operating, financing, and maintaining sustainable systems.


Come Alongside


You don’t need to face your complex water and wastewater issues alone. Our team is ready and eager to help you tackle your problems so you have a lasting solution. If we don't have the answer, we can help find a trusted resource who does.


Your problem isn’t too big and your need isn’t too great--we will partner with you to resolve the complex issues your community is facing. We provide resources, support and a way to have a conversation with your community that is collaborative and solution-focused. If we aren’t the answer, we will connect you with a trusted resource to meet your needs and find the answer.

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