Currently, SERCAP’s Regional Department is assisting 25 Small Utilities in and around Isle of Wight County, VA, by completing Annual Water Quality Reports for the utilities. A retired District Engineer from the Virginia Department of Health’s (VDH) Office of Drinking Water, contacted SERCAP and requested that the agency assist by preparing the federally mandated Annual Water Quality Reports. The Annual Water Quality Report (also referred to as the Consumer Confidence Report) is used to provide the customers of a utility with information about the drinking water treated by the utility, including:

  • Source of the Drinking Water.
  • Details of the Treatment.
  • Results of All Required Chemical Analyses (including: lead, copper, etc.),
    and explanation of results including: probable sources, potential health effects, etc.
  • Violations (if any) of State/Federal Waterworks Regulations and
    Action Steps Taken to Address Violations (if needed).
  • System Contact Information.

The long-term positive impact of the provision of these reports will be, an improved overall Quality of Life for the community residents through the maintenance of the communities’ Environmental Health, and through the improvement of the Economic Self-sufficiency of the communities at-large. A properly maintained water treatment facility, that is free of violations and remains in compliance with state and federal regulations, positively impacts the community through the improvement of the Environmental Health of the community by preventing waterborne illnesses caused by improperly treated drinking water. A properly maintained water treatment facility, can also positively impact and improve the Economic Self-Sufficiency of the community, by providing sound water infrastructure that may encourage business development, community development, and economic growth.