SERCAP Programs – Housing

Owner Occupied Housing Rehabilitation

Indoor Plumbing & Rehabilitation – SERCAP’s IPR Program (Indoor Plumbing Rehabilitation) is a program which focuses on occupied dwellings without complete indoor plumbing. Our rural housing specialists inspect the homes and determine if a bathroom can be added, the existing plumbing can be refurbished or replaced, or if substantial reconstruction is warranted.

Aging in Place Services – Aging In Place is a program which provides support services that help individuals who wish to continue living at home despite health setbacks. Whether they need just few simple changes or a major remodel, the Aging in Place program can provide a complete adaptive design solution for homeowners. SERCAP offers affordable options for each personal situation, including: Bathroom remodeling, Handrails, Wheelchair ramps, and Kitchen remodeling.

Community Development Block Grants

SERCAP’s Housing Department provides Grant Administration and/or Housing Rehabilitation Specialist services to local governments that have received Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) from the Virginia Department of Housing & Community Development (DHCD), for housing rehabilitation projects.

If your community has been awarded funds through CDBG and you are interested in SERCAP providing Housing Rehabilitation services, contact SERCAP’s Housing Department at 40-345-1184, for more information.

Southeast RCAP Housing AssistanceHousing Counseling

SERCAP is a HUD approved Local Housing Counseling Agency (LHCA). Since April of 2015 SERCAP has served over 550 Households through its Housing Counseling Program, with both one-on-one counseling and group education workshops covering a variety of topics, including: pre-purchase counseling, post-purchase counseling, rental counseling, foreclosure prevention, credit, budgeting, identity theft prevention, and home maintenance education.

SERCAP’s Housing Counseling Program provides any individual interested in the program with the tools and resources they need to become more financially empowered. SERCAP works with clients to build and/or improve their credit, to build and reach their savings goals, and to plan for the future. SERCAP’s Housing Counselors work with individuals to identify and address barriers to homeownership and/or meeting their other financial goals. SERCAP’s housing counseling services include: intake, credit review, overall evaluation of financial condition and limitations, credit counseling, and budgeting before and after purchase. SERCAP arms clients with knowledge beyond a one-time class on how to go from addressing credit issues all the way through planning for a maintenance schedule and savings plan.

By providing excellent housing and financial counseling services to all clients, SERCAP’s Housing Counseling Program bolsters the capacity of communities to remain active and vital by ensuring that community members have the tools they need to purchase safe, efficient, and affordable housing with minimal risk of foreclosure, ensuring a positive community impact.