SERCAP's Individual Programs Application allows interested individuals to apply for any of SERCAP's Individual Programs through one convenient application. Eligible programs include: Housing Rehabilitation Services, Individual Household Well Loans, Individual Household Septic Loans, Home Improvement Loans, and Essential & Critical Needs Grant.

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SERCAP's Housing Rehabilitation Services

SERCAP’s Housing Department provides Housing Rehabilitation Specialist Services to Low-to-Moderate Income (LMI) Homeowners in rural communities in order to address a variety of challenges, including: Incomplete Indoor Plumbing and Failed Septic Systems, sub-standard housing, and lack of Aging in Place/Universal Design Features. SERCAP’s skilled Housing Rehabilitation Specialists provide Technical Assistance and coordinate projects between funders, clients, and contractors. Specifically, SERCAP is the Region 5 Provider for the Virginia Department of Housing & Community Development’s (DHCD) Indoor Plumbing & Rehabilitation (IPR) Program.

SERCAP’s Housing Rehabilitation Services for LMI Individuals, include:

  • Indoor Plumbing & Rehabilitation (IPR)
  • Owner-occupied Housing Rehabilitation
  • Aging in Place Services
  • Lead Reduction Services (for Lead Paint) 

SERCAP's Individual Household Loans

SERCAP's certified CDFI (Community Development Financial Institution) Loan Fund provides LMI individuals with three essential affordable loan products. SERCAP's Individual Household Loan Products, include:

  • Individual Household Well Loans - Low-interest (1%) loans for eligible individuals and families to repair or replace their individual household well. Borrowers can borrow up to $11,000 through this USDA Rural Development funded loan program. Residence must be owner-occupied in order to qualify.  
  • Individual Household Septic Loans - Low-interest (3% - 6%) loans available to rural homeowners to repair or replace a malfunctioning septic system. Borrowers may apply for up $15,000 for a new septic system or for repairs to an existing system. Loan terms available for up to 10 years.
  • Home Improvement Loans - Affordable (3%-6% interest rate) financing option for LMI homeowners to make needed repairs, such as fixing a damaged roof, or upgrades, such as installing an access ramp to their home. Borrowers may apply for up $15,000 with loan terms up to 10 years.

SERCAP's Essential & Critical Needs Grant Program

SERCAP Essential & Critical Needs Grant Program provides LMI individuals with small grants that can be used to address individual household water and wastewater issues.  


Download SERCAP's Individual Programs Application Now!