SERCAP's Mission is to Improve the Quality of Life for Low-income Individuals by Promoting Affordable Water and Wastewater Facilities, Community Development, Environmental Health, and Economic Self-sufficiency.

In order to accomplish this Mission, SERCAP provides a variety of Programs and Services for Rural Communities including Training, Technical Assistance, and Financial Assistance for Water and Wastewater Infrastructure projects, Community Development projects, Economic Development projects, and more. 


Programs and Services for Communities



SERCAP provides training to groups about organization and community involvement in all areas of water and wastewater development.  Small water and wastewater board members are trained in all aspects of operating, financing, and maintaining sustainable systems.

SERCAP’s Training is available in All Seven (7) States in SERCAP’s service region, (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida).


Technical Assistance


SERCAP’s dedicated staff provide long-term technical assistance to communities with Drinking Water System Problems. Priority is given to projects with communities served by Small Rural Water Systems (populations of 3,300 or less) or Very Small Rural Water Systems (populations of 500 or less).


SERCAP’s dedicated staff provide technical assistance to communities with wastewater problems. The main focus of SERCAP’s Wastewater Technical Assistance is to assist communities in addressing regulatory concerns, small systems with operation and maintenance problems, communities violating their discharge permits, and/or communities needing to upgrade their wastewater treatment and/or collection facilities to meet Clean Water Act requirements. SERCAP’s Wastewater Technical Assistance addresses a broad range of problems, including: management, financing, construction, operations, lack of institutional capacity to implement facility improvements, facility maintenance, and watershed pollution threats.

Solid Waste

SERCAP’s dedicated staff provide technical assistance to community Solid Waste Facilities. SERCAP’s Solid Waste Technical Assistance primarily focuses on increasing community recycling rates, lowering costs of trash collection, and properly disposing of hazardous waste items.

SERCAP’s dedicated staff provide other forms of Technical Assistance to community water and wastewater systems, including: rate and fee structure analysis, process control, sampling, record keeping and reporting, regulatory compliance assistance coordinated with state and federal agencies, system-leak and loss detection, smoke testing sewer lines to determine sources of storm-water inflow and infiltration, and aids communities in developing the capability and expertise to establish and maintain affordable water and wastewater treatment facilities.

SERCAP’s Other Technical Assistance Services are available in All Seven (7) States in SERCAP’s service region, (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida).


Financial Assistance - Grants

Facilities Development Grants

SERCAP’s Facilities Development Grants provide funding to Communities for Water, Wastewater, and other Community Development projects.

SERCAP’s Facilities Development Grants are only available in Virginia, at this time.


Financial Assistance - Loans

Community Development Loans

SERCAP’s Community Development Loans can be applied for by local governments, non-profit agencies, user associations or other community entities for up to $150,000 towards the construction or development of a project to benefit the entire community.  For example funds can be sought for the building of a new water treatment plant, to cover laterals for a new affordable / low-income housing development, or other public community projects.  Currently we provide gap financing as projects often exceed our 150,000 cap in their total cost.  We frequently receive loan requests of up to $400,000 and intend to use CDFI funds to serve those loan requests through an increased maximum loan amount. Interest rates range from 3% to 7%. Community Development Loans are offered by SERCAP because generally borrowers are not able to obtain affordable pre-development loan or gap financing loans to finance their projects.  Pre-development loans, for preliminary engineering reports, soil or water testing, and acquisition loans are rarely offered through traditional finance institutions. For that reason, SERCAP offers these loans at the affordable interest rate of 3% to 7% coupled with alternative repayment structures such as deferred interest for up to one year or interest only payment options.



Community Development Block Grants

SERCAP’s Housing Department provides Grant Administration and/or Housing Rehabilitation Specialist services to local governments that have received Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) from the Virginia Department of Housing & Community Development (DHCD), for housing rehabilitation projects.

If your community has been awarded funds through CDBG and you are interested in SERCAP providing Housing Rehabilitation services, contact SERCAP’s Housing Department at 40-345-1184, for more information.