With the largest coastline of any state in the contiguous U.S., it’s no surprise that Florida’s geography is expansive and diverse. From pine forests to large marshes and numerous barrier islands, Florida is home to a variety of animals and plants that call the warm climate home.

On top of a bustling tourism industry thanks to Florida’s numerous beaches and urban centers, Florida is home to other thriving industries including ports for trade, commercial fishing, mining, and citrus growing. More than two-thirds of the United State’s citrus is grown in the Sunshine State.

With extensive citrus production comes with it both rural populations and environmental and sustainability concerns. SERCAP is proud to serve these areas with support for water, wastewater, and community development services.

If you are interested in learning more about SERCAP's Programs and Services and/or connecting with SERCAP in Florida, please contact the state office:

Attn: Joan Douglas, Florida State Manager
2222 NW 40th Terrace, Suite - A
Gainesville, FL 32605
Phone: 352-379-9802
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