SERCAP supports a diverse group of individuals and communities across the organization's seven state service region. SERCAP provides training, technical, and financial assistance to address water, wastewater, solid-waste, community development, and housing needs. 


SERCAP is dedicated to ensuring that all residents of the southeastern United States have adequate access to clean, safe drinking water and environmentally sound wastewater solutions. SERCAP's individual programs and services focus on low-to-moderate income individuals living in rural communities throughout the organization's seven state service region. SERCAP provides grant and loan assistance to individuals to help solve water and wastewater challenges, and also provides resources to ensure that individual households are warm, safe, and dry.



Communities and community leaders sometimes find themselves facing difficult and complex situations. Confronted with mounting economic concerns, declining populations, and limited resources, a community’s water and wastewater issues may seem insurmountable. This is when we step in. We work with town managers, mayors, town clerks, and other community leaders to determine needs, secure funding, and provide opportunities for structural and economic development. We help implement systems and processes that are sustainable for the long haul and foster economic growth. Services are available as both one time and continuing projects, as needed.



SERCAP is the southeast member of the National Rural Community Assistance Partnership, Inc. (RCAP). SERCAP serves small, rural communities and residents of seven southeastern states, including: Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.