Spanning back to the 1960’s, SERCAP has a long and rich history. Beginning as an effort to bring safe drinking water to low-income rural residents of Virginia’s Roanoke Valley, we have grown into an agency directly responsible for providing safe water, sanitary water disposal, and structurally sound housing to more than 450,000 households in our seven state region.

Our motto “water is life” speaks to our heart for providing accessible and affordable water and wastewater facilities, promoting community development, and helping residents become fully self-sufficient. Although our initial work focused on access to clean water, we quickly realized that water is life. Once this critical need is met, other needs naturally emerge. With this in mind, we now offer other programs and services such as home repairs, emergency management, and financial literacy training. If there is a need, we try our best to meet it.

We often hear people say, “SERCAP does a lot more than I thought!” And it’s true! You never know where you may find us at work. As we work alongside residents, we discover how to best tailor projects to fit the needs of the individual or community. It is through these partnerships that we see lives changed and our communities growing ever stronger.